Tarapith Sight Scene

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Tarapith, a holy religious place, is situated in a village Tarapur in the district of Birbhum. It is said to be so called because the eye ball (tara) of Sati fell here. Others say that Tarapith is not a pith but the place owes its sanctity to the fact that the Sage Basistha here worshipped the Goddes Sati in the form of Goddess Tara.

ATLA(Birth place of Bam Deva)

3 KM from Tarapith. Bamdev or Bamakhepa (1837 – 1911) is popularly known as the mad saint. He was an ardent devotee of Tarama and meditated on the Cremation ground. He mastered the art of all forms of Yoga and Tantra Sadhana and finally became the spiritual head of Tarapith.


25 KM from Tarapith. t is famous for Nalateswari Temple. It is so called because Nala or throat of Sati fell here as known by tradition. Another report says that it was a Lalat or forehead that fell here. It is regarded as a Pithas i.e. one of the 52 places where parts of Sati's body fell. It is located on a small & beautiful hill.


32 KM from Tarapith. It is thought that the bone of the neckline of Sati cut down at Sainthia which is previously known as Nandipur.A fair is arranged once a year at some time in autumn.


40 KM from Tarapith. Famous for artificial tank Kalidaha. It is said to have been excavated by Hindu Rajas and dedicated to Goddess Kali. On three sides on Kalidaha tank there are the wings of the former palaces of Mohamedan Rajas of Nagar.

AKALIPUR(Gujya Kali Mandir)

42 KM from Tarapith. Akali mandir' is situated at Akalipur, near Bhadrapur, and famous for its unique hexagonal structure and had an history of more than 300 years (it is assiciated with Maharaja Nandakumar). Devi Gujhyakali's idol is without Shiva.


45 KM from Tarapith. Famous for birth place of Chandidas, a famous lyric poet of 14th century.


60 KM from Tarapith. It is one of the 52 Pithas or sacred place where Sati's dead-body fell. Famous for temple of Goddess Fullora and lake named Daldali.


60 KM from Tarapith. It was formerly within the Zamindary of the Raja Bahadur of Hetampur. It is famous for Rajbari, a historical heritage. Hetampur has a number of good tanks surrounded by tall palm trees.


61 KM from Tarapith. The Kali Temple is situated at the top of the 'Mama-Bhagne' rocks. Satyajit Roy shoot many films here.


75 KM from Tarapith.The place is renowned for "HOT-SPRING" and has historical importance as holy place for the existence of " SHIVA LINGAM ".The hot springs at Bakreswar are reputed to cure numerous chronic ailments. A big Mela is held every year on the day of Shiva-Ratri.


75 KM from Tarapith. The Tilpara Barrage on Mayurakshi is constructed here. The barrage at Masanjore is also identified as Canada Dam. The barrage is 113 ft high 2000 ft long with 21 lock gates which manage the water of Mayurakshi. The dam is enclosed by mount and wood, and perfect spot for outing.


75 KM from Tarapith. It is precedence of a Mohammedan Saint named Shah Meheboob but commonly known as "Data-Saheb". It is said that he was gifted to miraculous power and used to cure dangerous diseases by applying ashes of dust.A large Mela, perhaps the largest in the region is held in Patharchapuri village in the month of Chaitra every year to commemorating the death anniversary of Data Saheb.


80 KM from Tarapith. It is renowned as the birth place of great Sanskrit poet Joydev who flourished in 12th Century and composed the well known Geet - Govinda, a Sanskrit Lyrical poem. Annual- Mela is held in the village Kenduli in the last day of Bengali month Pous and first 2 days of Magh.


85 KM from Tarapith. It was built in 1837 by Duncan Macleod of the Bengal Engineers for the Nawabs of Bengal. It contains an exceptional compilation of old arms,curios, china, and paintings. The fortress took 17 years to build and is a museum today. It has 114 rooms and 8 galleries. With its 1000 doors and Gothic style, is now a museum. One of the other attractions is the Katra Masjid built in 1724 AD by Nawab Murshidkuli Khan. It is reproduction on the lines of the Mecca mosque. The Jahankosh, huge cannon, is another attraction. It is 17.5 ft long and 16,880 lbs. in weight.


90 km from Taraith.The place was originally selected by Maharshi Debendranath Tagore to practice religious mediations. Rabindranath started an experimental school known as 'Brahmacharya Ashrama' here with an objective to educate the student in close liaison with nature in the style of 'Tapovana' of ancient India. Later an international university named Visva-Bharati came up as a center of Indian culture and the meeting place of the East and the West.


90 KM from Tarapith. It is one of the fifty two pithas or sacred where a part of the dismembered body of Sati fell. In this case the waist (Kankal), hence the name.